GRE Word List


ordinary; commonplace; neither good nor bad

The meaning of the word mediocre is ordinary; commonplace; neither good nor bad.

Random words

cravedesire; want intensely
nauseouscausing nausea; feeling nausea
forfeitsomething surrendered as punishment for a crime or breach of contract; V: lose as a forfeit; N. forfeiture
magnanimitygenerosity; ADJ. magnanimous: generous
glazecover with a thin and shiny surface; apply a glaze to; N: thin, smooth, shiny coating (as for pottery); Ex. unglazed pottery
overturemusical introduction to a long musical piece; first offer or proposal (to begin talks in the hope of reaching an agreement); Ex. overtures for peace
dupesomeone easily fooled or deceived; V: deceive
loathreluctant; unwilling; disinclined; Ex. Romeo and Juliet were both loath for him to go.
sonnet14-line poetic verse form with a fixed rhyme pattern