GRE Word List


to destroy the self-possession or self-confidence of (someone) : disconcert

The meaning of the word abash is to destroy the self-possession or self-confidence of (someone) : disconcert.

Random words

flicka light sharp jerky stroke or movement
aphasialoss or impairment of the power to use or comprehend words usually resulting from brain damage (as from a stroke, head injury, or infection)
corollarya proposition (see proposition
maudlindrunk enough to be emotionally silly
grillto broil on a grill
doctrinea principle or position or the body of principles in a branch of knowledge or system of belief : dogma
perennialpresent at all seasons of the year
kaleidoscopean instrument containing loose bits of colored material (such as glass or plastic) between two flat plates and two plane mirrors so placed that changes of position of the bits of material are reflected in an endless variety of patterns
outcastone that is cast out or refused acceptance (as by society) : pariah
cloyingdisgusting or distasteful by reason of excess