GRE Word List


basic; primary; essential

The meaning of the word fundamental is basic; primary; essential.

Random words

abject(of a condition) wretched; as low as possible; lacking pride; very humble; showing lack of self-respect; Ex. abject apology
inebriatedhabitually intoxicated; drunk; N. inebriety
cavaliercasual and offhand; arrogant; N: knight
harbingerforerunner (which foreshadows what is to come)
embroiderdecorate with needlework; ornament (a story) with fancy or fictitious details; embellish
crusthard outer covering (as of earth or snow)
mustystale (in odor or taste); spoiled by age; CF. moist
mangyshabby; wretched; suffering from mange; of bad appearance
cavalcadeprocession of riders or horse-drawn carriages; parade; CF. cavalry
sleeksmooth and shining (as from good health); V.