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GRE Word List


fleshly; sensual; concerning the desires of the body

The meaning of the word carnal is fleshly; sensual; concerning the desires of the body.

Random words

idylliccharmingly carefree; simple and happy; Ex. idyllic scene
reprisemusical repetition; repeating of a piece of music; repeat performance; recurrent action; Ex. reprise in the finale; Ex. constant reprises
rabidof or suffering rabies; like a fanatic; extremely zealous; furious; CF. rabies: hydrophobia
shiftchange position or place; exchange (one thing) for another; change in direction or position; Ex. shift the stolen goods; N. group of workers which takes turns with other groups; working period of such a group
clamorloud continous noise; continuous demand or complaint made by a large number of people; V: make a clamor; express (a demand) continually and loudly; ADJ. clamorous
floraplants of a region or era
psychicof psyche; mental; of or possessing extraordinary mental powers
solderrepair or make whole by using a metal alloy; N: metal alloy (usually tin and lead) used in the molten state to join metallic parts
mantleloose sleeveless outer garment; cloak; something that covers or envelops; the layer of the earth between the crust and the core
refractoryunmanageable; disobedient and stubborn; Ex. refractory horse