GRE Word List


inappropriate; ADV.

The meaning of the word malapropos is inappropriate; ADV..

Random words

disdaintreat with scorn or contempt
tattertorn piece of cloth; ADJ. tattered: (of clothes) old and torn; (of a person) dressed in old torn clothes
disabusecorrect a false impression; undeceive; free from a wrong belief
tawnybrownish yellow
martinetstrict disciplinarian; person who demands total obedience to rules and orders; CF. Jean Martinet
ejaculationexclamation; abrupt ejection (to discharge sperm); V. ejaculate
yieldamount produced; crop; income on investment; profit obtained from an investment; V: produce; give in; surrender
repletefully filled; filled to the brim or to the point of being stuffed; abundantly supplied; Ex. report replete with errors
unobtrusiveinconspicuous; not blatant
torrid(of weather) hot or scorching; passionate; Ex. torrid love affairs