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GRE Word List


full of initiative; showing enterprise

The meaning of the word enterprising is full of initiative; showing enterprise.

Random words

casualtyserious or fatal accident; person killed or wounded in an accident or battle
ornithologistscientific student of birds; N. ornithology: scientific study of birds
synopticproviding a general overview; summary; N. synopsis
faunaanimals of a period or region; CF. flora
churlishboorish; rude; N. churl: boor; yahoo
recuperaterecover; return to health; regain; Ex. recuperate losses
geriatricsmedical treatment and care of old age
vitalfull of life; animated; vibrant and lively; critical; of great importance; necessary to stay alive; of life; living; breathing; N. vitality; V. vitalize
staidserious and sedate; sober; Ex. staid during the funeral ceremony