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GRE Word List


thin; slim; rare

The meaning of the word tenuous is thin; slim; rare.

Random words

satiatesatisfy fully (physical needs such as hunger); sate; N. satiety: condition of being satiated
firebrandpiece of burning wood; hothead; troublemaker; person who stirs up trouble
effronteryrudeness without any sense of shame; shameless boldness; presumptousness; nerve; cheek
squatshort and thick; stocky; Ex. ugly squat tower; V. N.
zenithpoint directly overhead in the sky; summit; acme; highest point
odiumdetestation; quality of being odious; hatefulness; disrepute (resulting from hateful conduct)
arraymarshal; draw up in order; arrange in order; clothe splendidly; adorn; N: fine clothes; ordered group; Ex. in battle array
premonitionforewarning; presentiment; foreboding
orthodoxtraditional; (of someone) conservative in belief; adhering to an established doctrine
tutelaryprotective; pertaining to a guardianship; Ex. tutelary deities