GRE Word List


flexible; supple; pliable; V.

The meaning of the word limber is flexible; supple; pliable; V..

Random words

exemplaryserving as a model; outstanding; Ex. exemplary punishment/behavior; N. exemplar: typical example; model
leashrestraining rope fastened to the collar of an animal (to control it); Ex. a dog on a leash
refractoryunmanageable; disobedient and stubborn; Ex. refractory horse
parquetfloor made of wood strips inlaid in a mosaic like matter; CF. strip: long narrow piece
multiplicitystate of being numerous or multiple; large number; Ex. multiplicity of details; ADJ. multiple: of more than one element
wrongheadedstubbornly wrong
unfetterliberate; free from chains; V. unfetter
respirationbreathing; exhalation; ADJ. respiratory
lagmove or develop more slowly; straggle; Ex. lag behind the rest; N.
equivocateuse equivocal language to deceive people; lie; mislead; attempt to conceal the truth; N. equivocation