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GRE Word List


small ornamental statuette(very small statue)

The meaning of the word figurine is small ornamental statuette(very small statue).

Random words

devoutpious; deeply religious; sincere; earnest; Ex. my devout hope
undermineweaken gradually; sap; dig a mine beneath
mortifyhumiliate by embarassing excessively; shame; punish the flesh; discipline (one's body) by self-denial; Ex. mortified by her blunder; Ex. mortify the flesh; CF. cause to die
grimacefacial distortion to show feeling such as pain, disgust, etc; V.
posteritydescendants; future generations; Ex. go down to posterity; CF. posterior, anterior
weirdeerie; strange; unnatural
ethosunderlying character of a culture, group, etc.; character or ideas peculiar to a specific person, group, or culture; Ex. the company ethos
plaintiveexpressing sorrow; mournful; Ex. plaintive song
embezzlementtaking for one's own use in violation of trust; stealing (of money placed in one's care)
vigilkeeping watch (during normal sleeping hours); Ex. all-night vigil