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GRE Word List


fate; destiny; Ex. Kismet is the Arabic word for fate.

Immense: IELTS Vocabulary

The meaning of the word kismet is fate; destiny; Ex. Kismet is the Arabic word for fate..

Random words

confidanttrusted friend (to whom one tells one's secret)
shovepush forward; push roughly; Ex. pushing and shoving to get on the bus; N.
phlegmaticcalm and unexcitable; not easily disturbed; CF. phlegm: sticky mucus produced in the respiratory tract
inferdeduce; conclude; N. inference
implicateincriminate; involve incriminatingly; show to be involved (in a crime); Ex. implicate someone in the crime
relinquishgive up something (with reluctance); yield; release; Ex. relinquish power/the claim to the land/his hold on my arm
mercenarymotivated solely by money or gain; N.
elysiumplace or condition of bliss
voodooreligion practiced chiefly in Haiti
miniaturesmall model; small painting; ADJ: small