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GRE Word List


enclosure for birds; large cage

The meaning of the word aviary is enclosure for birds; large cage.

Random words

deleteerase; strike out
applicationdiligent attention; diligence; V. apply oneself
salutarytending to improve; beneficial; wholesome; Ex. The punishment had a salutary effect on the boy; CF. health
fraughtfilled (with something unpleasant); full; Ex. fraught with danger and difficulties; CF. freight
discursive(of a person or writing) digressing; rambling (without any clear plan)
odoroushaving an odor
ensuefollow (as a result)
suffragistadvocate of the extension of voting rights (for women); CF. suffrage
shoddymade of inferior material; sham; not genuine; inferior; dishonest; Ex. shoddy goods/trick
vibrantfull of vigor or energy; vibrating