GRE Word List


capable of propelling

The meaning of the word propellant is capable of propelling.

Random words

incriminateto charge with or show evidence or proof of involvement in a crime or fault
dallyto act playfully
apeany of various large tailless semi-erect primates of Africa and southeastern Asia (such as the chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan, or gibbon)
inflateddistended with air or gas
proliferateto grow by rapid production of new parts, cells, buds, or offspring
lotterya drawing of lots in which prizes are distributed to the winners among persons buying a chance
libertinea freethinker especially in religious matters
staminathe bodily or mental capacity to sustain a prolonged stressful effort or activity : endurance
vassala person under the protection of a feudal lord to whom he has vowed homage and fealty : a feudal tenant
probityadherence to the highest principles and ideals : uprightness