GRE Word List


widespread; generally accepted

The meaning of the word prevalent is widespread; generally accepted.

Random words

ulteriorintentionally hidden; beyond what is evident; situated beyond; unstated and often questionable; Ex. ulterior motive
hubrisarrogance; excessive self-conceit
plausibleconceivably true; having a show of truth but open to doubt; specious
coteriegroup that meets socially; select circle; close group of people with shared interests
cameoshell or jewel carved in relief; star's special appearance in a minor role in a film
modulatetone down in intensity; change the intensity or tone of; regulate; change from one musical key to another; Ex. modulate from E to G
perpetratecommit an offense; do (something wrong)
providentproviding for future needs; displaying foresight; thrifty; preparing for emergencies; OP. improvident
perpetuatemake perpetual; make something last for a long time; preserve from extinction; N. perpetuity
nuanceshade of slight difference in meaning or color; subtle distinction