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GRE Word List


disobedience; rebelliousness; ADJ. insubordinate

The meaning of the word insubordination is disobedience; rebelliousness; ADJ. insubordinate.

Random words

touchstonestone used to test the fineness of gold alloys; criterion; standard
morguemortuary; place where bodies are kept before burial or cremation
arablefit for growing crops; Ex. arable land
sublimecausing deep feelings of wonder, joy, respect, etc.; exalted; noble and uplifting; utter
elusiveevasive; not frank; baffling; hard to grasp, catch, or understand; V. elude: escape from; escape the understanding or grasp of; Ex. elude the hunter; Ex. His name eludes me.
ironyhidden sarcasm or satire; use of words that seem to mean the opposite of what they actually mean; use of words to convey the opposite of their literal meaning
invalidateweaken; destroy; make invalid; nullify
nattyneatly or smartly dressed; dapper; smart; Ex. natty dresser
sinuoustwisting; winding; bending in and out; not morally honest
scintillatrace; minute amount; shred; least bit; Ex. There is not a scintilla of truth; CF. spark

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