GRE Word List


the act or process of resolving: such as

The meaning of the word resolution is the act or process of resolving: such as.

Random words

titterto laugh in a nervous, affected, or partly suppressed manner : giggle
almssomething (such as money or food) given freely to relieve the poor
interjectionan ejaculatory utterance usually lacking grammatical connection: such as
idyllicpleasing or picturesque in natural simplicity
impelto urge or drive forward or on by or as if by the exertion of strong moral pressure : force
amuleta charm (such as an ornament) often inscribed with a magic incantation or symbol to aid the wearer or protect against evil (such as disease or witchcraft)
bara straight piece (as of wood or metal) that is longer than it is wide and has any of various uses (as for a lever, support, barrier, or fastening)
scantylimited or less than sufficient in degree, quantity, or extent
quackto make the characteristic cry of a duck