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GRE Word List


start; urge; provoke; incite; Ex. instigate a search/quarrel

The meaning of the word instigate is start; urge; provoke; incite; Ex. instigate a search/quarrel.

Random words

whimsudden capricious idea; fancy
oafstupid awkward person; CF. elf
wanhaving a pale or sickly color; pallid
dissipatesquander; waste foolishly; scatter
prolonglengthen; extend; draw out
cresttop (as of a hill or wave); showy feathers on the head of a bird
fretbe annoyed or vexed; Ex. fret over your poor grades; N: irritation of mind; ADJ. fretful
sinecurewell-paid position with little responsibility; CF. sine cure: without care; CF. San Serif
tenetdoctrine; dogma