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GRE Word List


temporary invasion; CF. excursion: short journey

The meaning of the word incursion is temporary invasion; CF. excursion: short journey.

Random words

accessoryadditional object; useful but not essential thing
idlenot working; not employed or busy; lazy; without purpose; useless; lacking substance; baseless; not based on truth; Ex. idle worker; Ex. talk idly; V.
grosstotal; fragrant; clearly wrong; (of people's behavior) coarse; corpulent; Ex. gross insolence/behavior; V: earn as a total amount; N: 12 dozens
terminuslast stop of railroad; end
remissnegligent; careless about a duty
garnergather; store up; amass
celerityspeed; rapidity
unbridledviolent; uncontrolled; Ex. unbridled rage/greed
finishedproperly made and complete; Ex. finished product/performance
retarddelay (in development); ADJ. retarded: (as of a child) slower in development