GRE Word List


twist out of shape; N.

The meaning of the word warp is twist out of shape; N..

Random words

franticwild; distraught as from fear or worry; Ex. frantic with fear
statichaving no motion; unchanging; lacking development; N. stasis: stable state
bowdlerizeexpurgate; CF. Thomas Bowdler
ostensibleapparent; appearing as such; professed(pretended); pretended; Ex. ostensible purpose of the expedition
couplejoin; unite; OP. uncouple
egoismexcessive interest in one's self; belief that one should be interested in one's self rather than in others; selfishness; ADJ. egoistic, egoistical
queasyexperiencing nausea; nauseated; easily nauseated; squeamish; Ex. feel a little queasy
controvertoppose with arguments; attempt to refute; contradict; ADJ. controversial; N. controversy
cogitatethink over; ponder
reparationcompensation (for loss or wrong); amends; Ex. make reparation for the damage; CF. repair