GRE Word List


matchless; not able to be imitated

The meaning of the word inimitable is matchless; not able to be imitated.

Random words

bafflefrustrate; perplex
tantamountequivalent in effect or value; Ex. This invasion is tantamount to a declaration of war; CF. amount
rusetrick to deceive; stratagem
palliateease pain (without curing); make less severe or offensive (a crime or illness)
sluggishlazy; slow; inactive; lethargic; CF. slug: nail with no shell
gustoeager enjoyment; zest; enthusiasm
stanzadivision of a poem (composed of two or more lines)
antiquityquality of being very old; ancient times; °íŽë
warrantyguarantee; assurance by seller
notchV-shaped cut in a surface; V.