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GRE Word List



The meaning of the word crinkle is wrinkle.

Random words

refrainabstain from; resist; forbear; N: chorus
vigoractive strength; energy; enthusiasm; ADJ. vigorous
equitablefair; impartial; OP. inequitable
memoirmemoirs; autobiography; biography
mausoleummonumental tomb; large stately tomb; CF. Mausolos
contritepenitent; repentant; N. contrition
fuss:trouble or worry over trifles; make nervous; pay too much attention to; N: needless concern or worry (about a trivial thing); anxious nervous condition; display of attention; Ex. make a fuss over the baby
extricatefree from an entanglement or difficulty; disentangle
unsavorydistasteful; disagreeable; morally offensive; Ex. unsavory activity/reputation
triflesomething of little importance or value; small amount; Ex. a trifle; V: treat without seriousness; flirt