GRE Word List


darken; extinguish; outshine; surpass; cause an eclipse

The meaning of the word eclipse is darken; extinguish; outshine; surpass; cause an eclipse.

Random words

solventsubstance that dissolves another; ADJ: capable of dissolving another substance
mountebankcharlatan; boastful pretender
rapturegreat joy and delight; ecstasy; ADJ. rapturous
leniencymildness; permissiveness; ADJ. lenient: not severe in judgment or punishment
equineresembling a horse; Ex. equine face
disbanddissolve; disperse; (of a group) break up and separate; Ex. The club has disbanded.
urgentcompelling immediate action; pressing; persistent; importunate; Ex. urgent in his demands
wiltloose freshness; droop
ostentatiousshowy; trying to attract attention; pretentious; N. ostentation: showy display
pedestalsupport or base as for a pillar or statue