GRE Word List


one who is drunk

The meaning of the word inebriate is one who is drunk.

Random words

pulsateto throb or move rhythmically : vibrate
elucidateto make lucid especially by explanation or analysis
leewayan allowable margin of freedom or variation : tolerance
cognitiveof, relating to, being, or involving conscious intellectual activity (such as thinking, reasoning, or remembering)
errantbehaving wrongly
personifyto conceive of or represent as a person or as having human qualities or powers
blighta disease or injury of plants marked by the formation of lesions, withering, and death of parts (such as leaves and tubers)
collagean artistic composition made of various materials (such as paper, cloth, or wood) glued on a surface
hoarda supply or fund stored up and often hidden away
arbitraryexisting or coming about seemingly at random or by chance or as a capricious and unreasonable act of will