GRE Word List


poor; destitute

The meaning of the word indigent is poor; destitute.

Random words

husbandryfrugality; thrift; economy; agriculture; farming; Ex. animal husbandry; CF. husbandman
unscathedunharmed; Ex. escape the accident unscathed
fugitivefleeting or transitory; lasting only a short time; roving(wandering); running away or fleeing as from the law; N: one who flees; Ex. fugitives at large
impassivewithout feeling; expressionless; imperturbable; stoical; Ex. impassive face
sublimaterefine; purify; replace (natural urges) with socially acceptable activities; change between a solid state and a gaseous state
mireentangle; stick in swampy ground; stick or sink in mire; N: bog; deep mud; Ex. sucked deeper into the mire
prowessextraordinary ability; military bravery; Ex. prowess in battle
prevalentwidespread; generally accepted
importunateurging; always demanding; troublesomely urgent or persistent
accretiongrowth or increase in size by gradual addition; growth; increase; increase by natural growth; Ex. towers and other accretions of the castle; V. accrete