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GRE Word List


bring upon oneself

The meaning of the word incur is bring upon oneself.

Random words

lullmoment of calm; period of reduced activity; Ex. a lull in the rain; V: cause to become less active; cause to sleep or rest; Ex. lull the opponents into a false sense of security; CF. lullaby
aviaryenclosure for birds; large cage
mergercombination (of two business corporations); act of merging
spawnlay eggs (in large numbers); produce offspring (in large numbers); N: eggs of aquatic animals
simulatefeign; imitate
ludicrouslaughable; ridiculous; trifling
controvertoppose with arguments; attempt to refute; contradict; ADJ. controversial; N. controversy
garishoverbright in color; unpleasantly bright; gaudy
contriveinvent or fabricate in a clever way (by improvisation); manage; Ex. contrive to attract his attention
immureimprison; shut up in confinement; CF. wall