GRE Word List


grant a share of; make known; Ex. news to impart

The meaning of the word impart is grant a share of; make known; Ex. news to impart.

Random words

punytiny; weak; insignificant
trampwalk with a heavy step; travel on foot; N: vagrant; one who travels aimlessly about; long walk; sound of heavy walking
clippersailing vessel built for great speed
foregogive up; do without
pariahsocial outcast; Ex. Mariah the pariah
erodeeat away; wear away gradually by abrasion; Ex. The sea erodes the rocks.
spatsquabble; minor dispute; minor quarrel
quaffdrink with zest; drink with relish(zest; hearty enjoyment); ČÜČ©ČÜČ© ž¶œĂŽÙ; CF. sip
waggishhumorous; mischievous; tricky
mountebankcharlatan; boastful pretender