GRE Word List


leather pistol case (that hangs on a belt around the waist)

The meaning of the word holster is leather pistol case (that hangs on a belt around the waist).

Random words

aggregatesum; total; ADJ. V: gather into a mass or whole; accumulate; add up to; Ex. aggregate 100 dollars
hewcut to pieces with ax or sword; chop; N.
marshalput in order; guide ceremoniously to the correct place; Ex. marshal the children into the museum; N: military officer; official
subversivetending to overthrow or ruin; V. subvert: overthrow completely (an established system); destroy completely; CF. undermine ?
obfuscateconfuse; muddle; cause confusion; make needlessly complex; make so confused as to be difficult to understand
equabletranquil; of even calm temper; (of temperature) steady; uniform
indignitytreatment or situation that causes shame or loss of dignity, respect; offensive or insulting treatment; humiliating or degrading treatment; Ex. I suffered the indignity of having to say that in front of them.
wretchmiserable person; bad or despicable person; ADJ. wretched: miserable; bad; contemptible; vile
componentelement; ingredient
interbury; N. interment