GRE Word List


conflict; lack of harmony; dissonance (when musical notes are played)

The meaning of the word discord is conflict; lack of harmony; dissonance (when musical notes are played).

Random words

insubstantiallacking substance; insignificant; frail; immaterial
covenantbinding agreement between two groups or people; compact; V: enter into a covenant; promise
blasphemyirreverence; sacrilege; cursing; bad language about God or holy things; V. blasphem; ADJ. blasphemous; CF. sacrilege
boutmatch; short period of great activity; Ex. wrestling bout; bout of drinking/flu
elysianrelating to paradise; blissful
atheisticdenying the existence of God; N. atheism
eddyswirling current of water, air, etc.; V.
roilmake liquids murky by stirring up sediment; disturb
unwieldyawkward (to carry or move); cumbersome; unmanageable
virtuegoodness; moral excellence; good quality; advantage; Ex. by virtue of; Ex. make a virtue of necessity