GRE Word List


like a fox; crafty

The meaning of the word vulpine is like a fox; crafty.

Random words

infinitesimalvery small
recesspause; temporary cessation; alcove; secret inner place; Ex. parliament in recess; V. CF. recessive
symmetryarrangement of parts so that balance is obtained; congruity; ADJ. symmetrical
permissiveallowing much freedom; lenient; Ex. permissive society
contritepenitent; repentant; N. contrition
malignspeak evil of; bad-mouth(criticize spitefully); defame; ADJ: harmful; Ex. malign influence
havenplace of safety; refuge; harbor; Ex. tax haven
brawnymuscular; having well-developed muscles
hostageperson who is kept as a prisoner by an enemy so that the other side will do what the enemy demands