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GRE Word List


fear of heights

The meaning of the word acrophobia is fear of heights.

Random words

culpabledeserving blame; blameworthy
wanhaving a pale or sickly color; pallid
puddinghot sweet dish
dulcetsweet sounding; pleasing to the ear; melodious
emaciatedthin and wasted (from hunger or illness)
cardinalchief; most important; N: priest; cardinal number: number that shows quantity rather thatn order
arboretumplace where different trees and shrubs are studied and exhibited
doctrineteachings in general; particular principle (religious, legal, etc.) taught; dogma; tenet; ADJ. doctrinal
formidablemenacing; arousing fear; threatening; difficult to defeat; Ex. formidable foe/question
humanemarked by kindness or consideration; kind and compassionate; humanitarian