GRE Word List


to gather grain or other produce left by reapers

The meaning of the word glean is to gather grain or other produce left by reapers.

Random words

acumenkeenness and depth of perception, discernment, or discrimination especially in practical matters
eulogistica commendatory oration or writing especially in honor of one deceased
wizenedto become dry, shrunken, and wrinkled often as a result of aging or of failing vitality
waylayto lie in wait for or attack (someone) from ambush
pyromaniaca person who has an uncontrollable impulse to start fires : a person affected by pyromania
thermalof, relating to, or caused by heat
cronea cruel or ugly old woman
missivea written communication : letter
rehabilitateto restore to a former capacity : reinstate
exodusthe mainly narrative second book of canonical Jewish and Christian Scripture see Bible Table