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GRE Word List


abyss; very deep crack

The meaning of the word chasm is abyss; very deep crack.

Random words

nipsnip off; stop something's growth or development; bite; make numb with cold; Ex. nip the plan; Ex. A guard dog nipped the postman; Ex. fingers nipped by the extreme chill
gustoeager enjoyment; zest; enthusiasm
rampslope; inclined plane or roadway (connecting two levels)
addictioncompulsive habitual need
perfidioustreacherous; disloyal; N. perfidy: treachery
lustintense sexual desire; intense eagerness; V.
galleonlarge three-masted sailing ship
rare(of air) thin in density; rarefied; Ex. rare air of the mountains
pervasivespread throughout; V. pervade: (of smells, ideas, feelings) spread throughout; charge; permeate
hazyslightly obscure; misty; unclear; N. haze: light mist or smoke; confused state of mind