GRE Word List


small stream; CF. rill < rivulet < river

The meaning of the word rivulet is small stream; CF. rill < rivulet < river.

Random words

poseurperson who pretends to be sophisticated, elegant, etc., to impress others; person who poses; CF. pose
vernalpertaining to spring
rusticatebanish to the country; dwell in the country
scabbardcase for a sword blade; sheath
blundererror; stupid mistake
moribunddying; at the point of death; CF. death
amoralnonmoral; having no understanding of right and wrong
artisana manually skilled worker
compileassemble; gather; accumulate; make (a report or a book) from facts and information found in various places; Ex. compile a dictionary
beholdenobligated; indebted; owing thanks; obliged or indebted from gratitude