GRE Word List


legally correct; Ex. rightful owner

The meaning of the word rightful is legally correct; Ex. rightful owner.

Random words

prepossessingattractive; CF. preoccupying ?
stereotypeone regarded as embodying a set image or type; fixed and unvarying representation; standardized mental picture often reflecting prejudice; Ex. stereotype of the happy slave; V: make a stereotype of; represent by a stereotype; Ex. It is wrong to stereotype people; Ex. stereotyped answer
boorishrude; insensitive
whittlepare; cut away thin bits (from wood); fashion in this way; reduce gradually; trim
fulcrumsupport on which a lever rests or pivots
bivouactemporary encampment; camp without tents; V.
draftfirst rough form; conscription; draught; V: make a draft of; conscript
dynamogenerator for producing electricity; energetic person
tributetax levied by a ruler; payment made by one nation to another in acknowledgment of submission; mark of respect (such as praise or gift); Ex. pay tribute to
derivationderiving; origin or source of something; Ex. the derivation of the word