GRE Word List


loyalty; accuracy

The meaning of the word fidelity is loyalty; accuracy.

Random words

quirksudden sharp turn or twist; startling twist; caprice; idiosyncrasy; peculiarity of behavior; Ex. by a quirk of fate
timiditylack of self-confidence or courage
inertinactive; lacking power to move; unable to move or act; Ex. chemically inert; N. inertia: state of being inert; force which keeps a thing in the position or state
sapdiminish; weaken; undermine the foundations of (a fortification); Ex. The element kryptonite sapped his strength.
gistessence; main point; substance
preposterousabsurd; completely unreasonable; ridiculous
unctionthe act of anointing with oil; Ex. extreme unction
skulkmove furtively and secretly; Ex. He skulked through the less fashionable sections of the city.