GRE Word List


seemingly plausible but fallacious reasoning; sophism

The meaning of the word sophistry is seemingly plausible but fallacious reasoning; sophism.

Random words

interdictprohibit; forbid; N.
lacklusterlacking luster(shine; gloss); dull
triggerset off; start
spurnreject disdainfully; scorn; Ex. She spurned all offers of help.
prowessextraordinary ability; military bravery; Ex. prowess in battle
pulserhythmical throbbing of arteries; brief sudden change in a normally constant quantity; V: pulsate
standstillcondition of no movement or activity; stop
indecisivemarked by indecision; inconclusive; Ex. indecisive battle
espouseadopt; support (an idea or aim); marry; N. espousal
engrossoccupy fully; absorb