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GRE Word List


frustrate; perplex

The meaning of the word baffle is frustrate; perplex.

Random words

temperamentcharacteristic frame of mind; disposition; emotional excess; ADJ. temperamental: of temperament; having frequent changes of temper; Ex. temperamental dislike of sports; Ex. temperamental actress
levyimpose (a fine); collect (a payment); impose or collect (a tax); Ex. levy a tax on tobacco
frondfern leaf; palm or banana leaf
hordecrowd; swarm
attesttestify; bear witness
demagogueperson who appeals to people's prejudice; false leader of people; CF. demagoguery
superannuatedretired or disqualified because of age; outmoded; obsolete
hostageperson who is kept as a prisoner by an enemy so that the other side will do what the enemy demands
abeyancesuspended action
gossamersheer; very light; like cobwebs; N: soft and sheer fabric; cobweb