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GRE Word List


crevice; crack

The meaning of the word fissure is crevice; crack.

Random words

bogsoft wet land; V: hinder or be hindered; Ex. bogged down in the mud
kindlestart a fire; ignite; inspire; arouse
abstracttheoretical; not concrete; nonrepresentational
horoscopediagram of the positions of stars at a given moment (eg. of a person's birth) used by astrologers
graphicpertaining to the art of delineating; vividly described
prattletalk idly; babble; N. CF. prate
taciturnhabitually silent; talking little
reprievepostponement or cancelation of a punishment; temporary stay; V: postpone or cancel the punishment of
primpgroom oneself with care; adorn oneself
jurisprudencescience of law