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GRE Word List


crevice; crack

The meaning of the word fissure is crevice; crack.

Random words

olfactoryconcerning the sense of smell
waftmove gently (in air or in seas) by wind or waves; Ex. leaves wafting past the window
pensivedreamily or deeply thoughtful; sadly thoughtful; thoughtful with a hint of sadness; contemplative; CF. think over
beatificgiving or showing bliss; blissful
unrequitednot requited; not reciprocated; Ex. unrequited love
obituarydeath notice (esp. in a newspaper); ADJ.
leashrestraining rope fastened to the collar of an animal (to control it); Ex. a dog on a leash
quiescentdormant; temporarily inactive; at rest; N. quiescence
repulsiondistaste; disgust; act of driving back; ADJ. repulsive: causing disgust; tending to drive away; V. repel (not `repulse')
shimmershine with a flickering light; glimmer intermittently; Ex. The moonlight shimmered on the water; N.