GRE Word List


artificial; produced artificially; sham; false; Ex. factitious tears

The meaning of the word factitious is artificial; produced artificially; sham; false; Ex. factitious tears.

Random words

incandescentstrikingly bright; shining with intense heat; emitting visible light when heated; Ex. incandescent light bulb; CF. candle
refulgenteffulgent; brilliant; brightly shining; gleaming; Ex. refulgent moon
squeamisheasily shocked or sickened by unpleasant things; fastidious; Ex. A nurse should not be squeamish.
annulmake void
unearthdig up; discover (facts) by careful searching; Ex. He unearthed some secrets about her; OP. conceal
genuflectbend the knee as in worship
boundleap or spring; limit or confine; constitute the limit of; Ex. bounded by Canada; N: leap or jumping; boundary; ADJ: certain; having a duty to do something (legally or morally); confined by bonds; Ex. We are bound to be late; Ex. I am bound to say my opinion; CF. bounce, rebound
haughtinesspride; arrogance; ADJ. haughty
hydrophobiafear of water; rabies