GRE Word List


words formed in imitation of natural sounds

The meaning of the word onomatopoeia is words formed in imitation of natural sounds.

Random words

unwontedunaccustomed; unusual; Ex. He arrived with unwonted punctuality.
discretionprudence; ability to adjust actions to circumstances; freedom of action or judgment; ADJ. discreet; CF. discretionary
prurienthaving or causing lustful desires and thoughts; arousing immoderate sexual desire
substantivesubstantial; essential; pertaining to the substance; substantial; considerable; Ex. substantive issues
contiguousadjacent to; touching upon
jaundicedyellowed; prejudiced (envious, hostile, or resentful) from long and disappointing experience of human affairs; Ex. with a jaundiced eye
executeput into effect; carry out; kill as a lawful punishment; N. execution
mobilemovable; not fixed; N. mobility
circletsmall ring; band of gold, silver, jewel, etc. (worn on the head, arms, or neck as decoration)
balmysoft and mild (of air); fragrant