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GRE Word List


free from an entanglement or difficulty; disentangle

The meaning of the word extricate is free from an entanglement or difficulty; disentangle.

Random words

unceremoniousnot done politely without due formalities
eonlong period of time; an age; longest division of geologic time containing two or more eras
subtletyperceptiveness; ingenuity; delicacy; ADJ. subtle: delicate; so slight as to be difficult to detect; able to make fine distinctions; clever; Ex. subtle mind/differences in meaning
nibbeak(bill); pen point
idyllshort poem idealizing rural life; simple happy period of life (in the country); scene from such a time; Ex. idyll of two young lovers
sacrosanctinvioably sacred; most sacred; inviolable
lucideasily understood; clear; intelligible; N. lucidity
whimsicalcapricious; fanciful; amusingly strange
irrevocableunalterable; irreversible; impossible to revoke