GRE Word List


man who is not a cleric; man who is nonprofessional

The meaning of the word layman is man who is not a cleric; man who is nonprofessional.

Random words

indignationanger at an injustice; Ex. righteous indignation; ADJ. indignant
skulkmove furtively and secretly; Ex. He skulked through the less fashionable sections of the city.
rendergive; deliver; provide; represent in verbal or artistic form; depict; perform; make; translate; Ex. render the song beautifully
incidencerate of occurrence; particular occurrence; Ex. high incidence of infant mortality
miscellaneousmade up of a variety of parts
roseaterosy; optimistic; Ex. roseate views
bustpiece of sculpture showing a person's head, shoulders, and upper chest; V: break up; arrest; Ex. crimebuster
cadencerhythmic rise and fall (of words or sounds); beat; regular beat of sound; rhythm