GRE Word List


having lost one's original power; barren; worn out; exhausted

The meaning of the word effete is having lost one's original power; barren; worn out; exhausted.

Random words

stem_fromarise from; originate from
tacitunderstood (without actually being expressed); not put into words; Ex. tacit agreement
aspireseek to attain (position or status); long for; Ex. aspire to become president; Ex. aspire to/after the leadership
wholesomeconducive to mental or physical health; healthful
chivalrouscourteous; faithful; brave; N. chivalry
rotund(of a person) fat and round
catcallshout of disapproval or displeasure (made at the theater or a sports match); boo; V.
slaughterkilling of animals for food; massacre; V: butcher (animals) for food; kill in large numbers
reputablerespectable; having a good reputation
rhetoricart of effective communication; art of using language effectively and persuasively; style of speaking or writing; grandiloquent language; Ex. political rhetoric; ADJ. rhetorical; CF. rhetorical question: question to which no answer is expected as ``Who knows it ?''