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GRE Word List


supplement to the body of a will; later addition to a will

The meaning of the word codicil is supplement to the body of a will; later addition to a will.

Random words

rectitudemoral correctness; moral uprightness; moral virtue; correctness of judgment
tactfulcareful no to cause offence; OP. tactless
visioneyesight; foresight; mental image produced by the imagination; experience of seeing the supernatural
spasmodicfitful; periodic; of or like a spasm; N. spasm: sudden involuntary muscular contraction; sudden burst of energy or emotion
bulwarkstrong wall built for defense; earthwork or other strong defense; person who defends
smoldersmoulder; burn slowly without flame; be liable to break out at any moment; exist in a suppressed state; Ex. smoldering anger
harassannoy by repeated attacks
imminentimpending; near at hand
homilysermon; tedious moralizing lecture; serious warning; ADJ. homiletic
snubignore or behave coldly toward; Ex. I made a suggestion but she snubbed me; N.