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GRE Word List


talk at length; speak or write in detail

The meaning of the word expatiate is talk at length; speak or write in detail.

Random words

mesmerizehypnotize; N. mesmerism; CF. Franz Mesmer
sowplant or scatter seed
defeatistresigned to defeat or failure; accepting defeat or failure as a natural outcome; N. CF. defeatism
satiatesatisfy fully (physical needs such as hunger); sate; N. satiety: condition of being satiated
carousaldrunken revel; V. carouse
anchorsecure or fasten firmly; be fixed in place; N. anchorage
isthmusnarrow neck of land connecting two larger bodies of land
sedatecomposed (with no excitement); grave; V: administer a sedative to; CF. sedative
finaleconclusion; concluding part

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