GRE Word List


sharpen; stimulate; Ex. whet someone's appetite

The meaning of the word whet is sharpen; stimulate; Ex. whet someone's appetite.

Random words

scowlfrown angrily; N: angry frown
lienlegal claim or right on a property
queasyexperiencing nausea; nauseated; easily nauseated; squeamish; Ex. feel a little queasy
bilkswindle; cheat
countenanceapprove; support; tolerate; Ex. countenance his rude behavior; N: face; appearance
latentpresent but not yet noticeable or active; dormant; hidden; N. latency; CF. potential
notableconspicuous; worthy of note; remarkable; important; distinguished; noted
peerlesshaving no equal; incomparable
discrepancylack of consistency or agreement as between facts; difference; Ex. discrepancy between two descriptions
swilldrink greedily