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GRE Word List


strong; violent and severe; Ex. drastic changes/measures

The meaning of the word drastic is strong; violent and severe; Ex. drastic changes/measures.

Random words

infestinhabit in numbers large enough to be harmful; Ex. Mice infested the house; Ex. shark-infested waters
reproachblame (not angrily but sadly); express disapproval or disappointment; N. ADJ. reproachful
lassitudelanguor; weariness; listlessness
orificemouthlike opening; small opening (esp. to a cavern or passage of the body); CF. mouth
finaleconclusion; concluding part
subversivetending to overthrow or ruin; V. subvert: overthrow completely (an established system); destroy completely; CF. undermine ?
stipplepaint or draw with dots or short strokes
amnestypardon (allowed by government to political criminals)
sanguinarybloody; with much bloodshed
dabblework at in a nonserious fashion; splash around; move noisily in a liquid