GRE Word List


cold or cheerless; frigid; unlikely to be favorable; depressing

The meaning of the word bleak is cold or cheerless; frigid; unlikely to be favorable; depressing.

Random words

cunningclever in deceiving; sly; N: cleverness in deceiving; deceit
ecstasyrapture; very strong feeling of joy and happiness; any overpowering emotion; ADJ. ecstatic: causing or experiencing ecstasy
ubiquitousbeing everywhere; omnipresent; N. ubiquity
provisionaltentative; temporary
far-fetchedtoo improbable to be believed; implausible; Ex. far-fetched story
protuberanceprotrusion; swelling; bulge
fluencysmoothness of speech; ADJ. fluent
headstrongwillful; stubborn; unyielding; determined to have one's own way; CF. no 'excessive'
macabregruesome; grisly; ghastly; CF. of death
vainfull of self-admiration; conceited; without result; unsuccessful; N. vanity