GRE Word List


massive; impressively large; built as a monument

Immense: IELTS Vocabulary
Immense: IELTS Vocabulary

The meaning of the word monumental is massive; impressively large; built as a monument.

Random words

definitivemost reliable; authorative and complete; that cannot be improved; conclusive; decisive; definite; Ex. definitive decision by the supreme court
wanderluststrong longing to travel
mottobrief statement used to express a principle
purportedalleged; claimed; reputed or rumored; Ex. purported Satanists
injuriousharmful; causing injury
glareshine intensely and blindingly; stare fixedly and angrily; N.
exhorturge (by strong argument or advice); Ex. The general exhorted his men to fight bravely; N. exhortation
roostercock; adult male chicken
conclusivedecisive; ending all debate