GRE Word List


like an emperor; related to an empire; CF. imperialism

The meaning of the word imperial is like an emperor; related to an empire; CF. imperialism.

Random words

conservatoryschool of the fine arts (especially music or drama); glass-enclosed area; CF. conservancy
generatecause; produce; create
credulitybelief on slight evidence; gullibility; naivete; ADJ. credulous
timiditylack of self-confidence or courage
denouementfinal outcome; final development of the plot of a play or other literary work; the end of a story when everything is explained
nauseouscausing nausea; feeling nausea
headfirstmoving with the head leading; headlong
conjugalpertaining to marriage
mandateorder; charge; authoritative command; power to govern another country; power to given to a government; region under administration; V: give a mandate to; place under a mandate; Ex. mandated territory
opaquedark; not transparent; N. opacity