GRE Word List


expressing sorrow; mournful; Ex. plaintive song

The meaning of the word plaintive is expressing sorrow; mournful; Ex. plaintive song.

Random words

factitiousartificial; produced artificially; sham; false; Ex. factitious tears
pomposityself-important behavior; acting like a stuffed shirt(pompous person); ADJ. pompous: self-important
gorgestuff oneself (with food); glut; CF. gorgeous: dazzlingly beautiful
loquacioustalkative; N. loquacity
seclusionisolation; solitude; V. seclude: set apart from others; isolate
adulteratemake impure or of poorer quality by adding inferior or tainted(contaminated) substances
wrestobtain by pulling violently; pull away; take by violence; Ex. wrest victory from their grasp
transitiongoing from one state of action to another
wry(esp. of an expression of the face) twisted; with a humorous twist (expressing displeasure)
provisionact of providing; something provided; preparatory measure; provisions: necessary supplies (esp. food); stipulation; condition in an agreement; Ex. According to the provisions of the agreement